A cheeky new Apple store release is set to help out dating doubters by letting them download the dumps.

Apps for messaging, apps for meeting, apps for hook-ups… in the digital world, love is never more than a click away. But what happens when you realise your partner is more ‘set me free’ than ‘down on one knee’? Punters looking for an easy love split now have a mischievous app for that too.

Binder (the name plays on ‘binned her’ – as well as a well-known dating app) promises to shake-up the dating scene by doing the dirty work when it comes to an awkward dumping. With a simple swipe and a few quick taps, a personalised voice-message can be automatically delivered to your other half, letting them know that the relationship’s over.

From “It’s not me, it’s definitely you”, to “It’s like I’m living in some sort of unwakeable nightmare”, there are a range of options that Binder users can choose to share the news of the break-up. In addition to voicemail, a text is also sent, making sure beyond doubt that your other half gets the message.

To help promote the new Binder app, a YouTube ad has been created. Ending with the jingle; “You want to dump your girlfriend good but you haven’t got the balls for it”, the full ad can be seen here: http://bit.ly/1Si1tMe

On watching, the joke behind the tongue-in-cheek app becomes clear. Developed for laughs by the same folk who created the ‘Aye-Watch’ – an emotionally intuitive Scottish smart watch (http://bit.ly/1FiOD77) – Binder is part of a new series of online comedy sketches called Wellpark, created through a unique collaboration between Tennent’s Lager and a collective of writers, directors and animators.

There are hundreds of sites that promise to make the dating game easy. They look after everything – except the splitting up part,” said Jordan McKenna of Tennent’s Lager.

“We thought we’d poke some fun at that in our Wellpark series and so far it’s gone down really well with those who’ve helped test it out. Hopefully those who receive a Binder message will have a sense-of-humour about it too.”

Whilst Binder’s current range of messages are designed for male users, another comedy version of the app called ‘Bindim’ is in the works, made especially for women. In the meantime, Binder is available in the Apple store and can be downloaded on IOS or Android from http://www.go-binder.com/ for free.

The full series of Tennent’s Wellpark sketches can be seen on YouTube: www.youtube.com/tennentsteam


“Hi. I’m from the app Binder, which is exclusively for dumping people so, erm, this phonecall’s not looking good from the off. So, you’re dumped. Really badly dumped. I mean, he dumped you using a dumping app. Maybe he’s not the guy for you. Sit down, look at your life choices. Decide what you want to be, perhaps take a sabbatical, I don’t know what you do. Find you, take some time, find out who you are and get back in the saddle. But yeah, you’ve been dumped. Bullet point. Dumped. Bye!”