A new, top quality lager described as being ‘the best of Scotland, brewed for Scotland’ is to be introduced by Tennent’s.
Named Black T, the 4.7% ABV premium lager has been created using the finest ingredients – the majority of which are home-grown – and will join a growing family of Tennent’s products designed to give drinkers greater choice.

Following teaser activity over the last few days, including secret deliveries of all black, unbranded bottles to social media users and mysterious messaging outside the brewery, Black T will now be available in Tesco and Sainsburys from this weekend.

Black T closes what its makers believe is a gap in the market – a great-tasting premium lager that’s decidedly Scottish. The bottled lager is brewed at the historic Wellpark brewery in Glasgow using hundreds of years of know-how and a recipe that calls for 100% local barley.

“Black T is a bit of a dark horse in the premium lager category –– but we think people are going to be very pleasantly surprised when they try it,” said Paul Condron, Tennent’s Marketing Director. “It looks great, it tastes great and it’s Scottish through-and-through.

Talking about the decision to create a family of Tennent’s brands, Paul continued;

“This is the first time we’ve looked to build a family of Tennent’s beers, which is exciting. Tennent’s has never stood still and has kept moving with the times throughout its 450-year history. Right now, we see demand for different types of beer for different occasions, whether it’s a bit of a treat on a Friday night, or a light beer on a Sunday afternoon. Our new Tennent’s family gives that choice and complements our core Tennent’s Lager.”

Black T is the latest in a growing product range from Tennent’s, including Lemon T – a light, 2.8% ABV lemon lager launched earlier this year.

Black T is on sale from this weekend in select Scottish Tesco and Sainsbury’s stores – as well independent and convenience stores including Keystore – in 6 and 12 x 300 ml packs (RRP £5.50 and £10 respectively). An innovative social media campaign is promised, with details to be revealed in the coming weeks: @tennentslager #thenewblack.