C&C Group distributed Italian beer brand, Menabrea, is welcoming Antea Allegro to the family as she takes on the role of Brand Ambassador to the on-trade. Hailing from North Italy, Antea joined Menabrea from Diageo in January and will focus solely on driving awareness of the brand throughout the licensed trade in a branded Fiat 500x, with an initial focus on the Italian restaurant market in Scotland.

The brand is also excited to unveil a new table top draught dispense unit, allowing customers without cellar space or main bar to pour perfect cold draught pints of birra. Ideal for outdoor spaces too, the unit acts as a chiller and can be set up on any level surface where it is connected directly into a keg and gas cylinder. The draught units will be available through Menabrea from early March and come complete with glassware and visibility kits.

Founded in 1846 Menabrea is the oldest Italian brewery still operating. C&C Group became official distributor for the brand in the UK in 2014, and the popularity of the beer is evident in its rapid expansion in outlets across the country.

Angus Lawrie, Head of Development Brands said:

“We’re delighted to welcome Antea to the Menabrea family. Having a native Italian ambassador to promote our beer from Italy’s oldest brewery is a real asset to the business. The new draught dispense unit is another fantastic addition to the level of support that we can offer the on-trade, and we’re sure that the table top unit will allow us to meet the growing customer demand for this quality, authentic birra.”

Stefano Giovanazzi, owner of Caffe Parma, Glasgow, said:

“The Menabrea draught dispense unit is fantastic. Being able to serve cold draught birra on our outdoor terrace this summer will allow us to sell more pints than we’ve been able to previously. It was fantastic to meet Antea when she came in to talk us through the unit and we look forward to working with her more closely.”