Dispense system close down process

Given the Government announcement to close pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants from 21st March, we are providing below guide to ensure that dispense systems are protected and shut down safely to allow them to be up and running quickly when normal trading resumes.

Failure to properly close down the system may cause irrevocable damage to dispense equipment and render it unusable.

Please follow the simple steps below to safely close down the system safely and avoid any delay when your outlet re-opens.

Closedown Process

  • Disconnect all the kegs
  • Clean all the lines in the outlet following your standard process
  • When the lines are cleaned and flushed empty the cleaning bottle and blow the lines clear of water. (This can be done by opening the taps and waiting until all the water is dispensed and the lines are empty)
  • You should leave the lines empty of water (water can cause damage and taints to the lines)
  • Spray the couplers with alcohol sanitiser spray and prevent them from dropping on the floor
  • Clean the tap nozzles and put them back on the taps
  • Switch off the beer coolers and turn off any gas bottles
  • Cellar cooling and beer coolers can be turned off to save energy / cost

Re-opening Process

Please follow the steps below, 24 hours ahead of re-opening.

  • Turn on the cellar cooling on
  • Turn on the beer coolers and gas system
  • Clean the beer lines again in line with your standard process
  • When the lines are clean, flush with water
  • Connect the couplers to kegs that are in date
  • The beer cooler will be ready to dispense at the correct temperature within 2 hours