Stock Uplift Requests

We hope you have already received a letter from Tennent’s stating that we are committing to a full credit or swapping of “Old for New” on un-broached kegs upon recommencement of normal trading.

The conditions for the kegs to qualify for a credit/swap and uplift are as follows:

  • Only applies to draught kegs that remain un-broached
  • Only kegs purchased from Tennent’s no earlier than the 1st March 2020 qualify
  • Kegs with a shelf life beyond the 31st August 2020 do not currently qualify for uplift
  • Where the product is not C&C owned, the value of the credit/swap is contingent on brand owner support. We are currently in communication with brand owners regarding their support of a keg uplift and subsequent credit/swap. We hope and anticipate that the majority of suppliers will support this exercise and will advise in due course if certain brand owners decide against this.

Please click on the link here to complete your Stock Uplift Request. Please ensure you complete quantities for each item.

Once complete, all surveys will be logged by our Customer Services Team for processing. Stock uplifts will be arranged and commenced once government guidance is received instructing that it is safe to do so.

Property insurance

Following the recent Government Guidance regarding the closure of pubs, restaurants and other outlets, you may wish to contact your insurance provider – if you haven’t done so already – to confirm that any insurance you have in place extends to unoccupied premises, and to confirm any additional steps that may be required to ensure compliance with empty property conditions.