Vexed university students from Glasgow and St Andrews have launched a campaign to bring back their favourite pint, after Tennent’s Lager was removed from their student unions.

‘Tennent’s Lager Appreciation Societies’ have now been established in both cities after students returned to classes in September, to find they could no longer order Tennent’s.

Outraged T fans went online to protest, setting up petitions which secured hundreds of signatures and kick-started their bid for two separate student appreciation societies.

Representatives from the St Andrews University ‘Tennent’s Lager Appreciation Society’ were disappointed when their application was rejected by the student association and they were refused permission to become an official university recognised society.

St Andrews cited ‘legal matters’ as the reason they would not accept the application, however on further query from the students, no response was received.

Tom Coombes, President of the St Andrews University Tennent’s Lager Appreciation Society, said:

“The student body of St Andrews is still shaken from the decision to remove Tennent’s from our union. This is a tolerant university but some decisions cannot be taken lying down. The newly formed Tennent’s Lager Appreciation Society will not rest until Tennent’s is back on the menu.”
On the West Coast however, Glasgow University students have welcomed the news that their application with the student council has been acknowledged officially by the university.

Jamie MacEwan, President of the Glasgow University Tennent’s Lager Appreciation Society, said:

“We’re really excited about our new society, the Glasgow University Tennent’s Lager Appreciation Society. We have gone from strength to strength since becoming affiliated with the SRC (Student Representative Council) last December and now have almost 170 members. Tennent’s themselves have been great and we hope that it won’t be too long before we get to enjoy a pint of T in the union again.”

Tennent’s Lager has vowed to support both Appreciation Societies and is in discussions with both student organisations.