Ordinarily, Scots being told to expect ‘hee-haw’ would understandably feel a little disappointed – but Scotland’s leading brewer is about to turn that on its head with a brand-new arrival.

On the same day that new drink driving legislation comes into force, Tennent’s has launched ‘Hee-Haw’, an alcohol-free lager that will be available in pubs throughout the country. To celebrate, those licensees who have signed up to Wallaces TCB’s online advent calendar will have the opportunity to try their first case of Tennent’s Hee Haw for absolutely hee haw (i.e. completely free).

Putting a tongue-in-cheek twist on our vernacular – for those who don’t know, ‘hee-haw’ is Scots for ‘nothing’ – the bottled lager is produced in order to bring its ABV below 0.05%.
Although coinciding with the Scottish Government’s legislative reform, Tennent’s had already been developing Hee-Haw for some time in response to an existing gap in the market; a lack of high-quality lager packed full of taste but without being packed full of alcohol.

“Over the last few years, we’ve increasingly been asked by Tennent’s drinkers to create a lager that’s non-alcoholic,” says Paul Condron, Tennent’s Marketing Director. “From shift workers, to designated drivers, the demand for something like Hee Haw has been there for some time – and we only expect that demand to increase substantially now the legislative reform is in full effect.
“We’ve spent a lot of time to get Hee Haw just right, meaning that although we’ve taken the alcohol out, we’ve kept the flavour in. We look forward to seeing what drinkers think of it.”

Described by Tennent’s as having a fresh malty flavour which is slightly sweet balanced with a clear bitterness, Tennent’s Hee Haw is available for the on-trade to buy at £12.99 per case – an introductory price for the Christmas period.

From this morning, the sales team at Tennent Caledonian Breweries will actively encourage pubs to trial the product.

A wider marketing campaign will also see sampling take place in Glasgow and Edinburgh, with shoppers in both cities being offered the opportunity to take home ‘hee-haw’ for Christmas.