Lager lovers are about to enjoy a nostalgic tipple as Tennent’s unveils its new Heritage Pack. Drawing on the brand’s 130 years of brewing experience, the new pack has been inspired by findings in Tennent’s extensive brewing archives. Pack design research uncovered the first ever Tennent’s Lager can and has now sparked a quest for the ‘holy grail’ of Tennent’s treasure.

Partnering with the University of Glasgow’s Brewing Archive collection, archivists are now on the hunt for the original Tennent’s cone-top can, that was a highlight of the 1930/40s. Fans are being asked to dust off their drinks cabinets and antique belongings in a bid to find it.

The classic can will complete the line-up of the University of Glasgow’s brewery archive collection of Tennent’s items. Anyone coming forward with the vintage original cone-top style can should get in touch with the Tennent’s Visitor Centre to discuss their reward.

Those not quite lucky enough to possess the can should still tweet their Tennent’s treasures to @tennentslager. The best entries with be in with a chance of a free Heritage Pack.

Clare Paterson, Senior Archivist at University of Glasgow said: “Through the Tennent’s Archive the rich heritage of this distinctive Scottish brand can be discovered; from the establishment of the Wellpark Brewery in 1556 through to the distinctive and familiar Tennent’s branding and packaging of the twentieth century. 

“Tennent’s is fortunate that so much of its Archive remains, both in the Scottish Business Archive and at Wellpark Brewery itself.  However, there are gaps that we are eager to fill.  At the top of the wish list is the earliest cone-top style can, introduced in the late 1930s and used until the late 1940s.  Having examples of this can in the Tennent’s Archive would greatly enhance the collection, and allow us to demonstrate the full range of products the company produced.”

Alan McGarrie, Head of UK Brand Marketing at Tennent’s said: “Fans send us pictures of Tennent’s memorabilia all the time on social media and we love how passionate people can get about it. As a brand that’s got such deep roots in Scottish history, were sure someone must have the missing can in their collection, even if they don’t know it!”

“For the new heritage packs we had a look at everything from bottles, cans, labels, posters to beer mats and even old trucks when looking to inspiration for the pack and we’re really pleased with how they’ve turned out. If you think you’ve got the can, get in touch ASAP and we’ll talk about what we can offer you for returning it to us.”

Fans who find the 1930s Tennent’s cone-top can or anything else they think may deserve a position in the University of Glasgow Brewery Archive should contact