Customers have been extremely positive about the Tennent’s Digital Workshop held at the end of October. The free event, held at the Drygate Brewery in Glasgow was attended by almost 200 licensees from across Scotland. 95% of attendees stated that they feel better equipped to make use of digital media to support their business objectives. 85% rated the event as either good or very good, and over 80% felt that their main questions were covered within the various presentations on the day.

Rosy Woollen, Social Media Content Manager at Manorview Group, said:

“I feel I’m in much better position to make use of digital tools after attending the day. It’s great to get insights from industry professionals in a way that’s easy to digest, and I’ve been able to pull together a training document to use for staff across our venues. I’d 100% be interested in attending something like this again.”

Kayleigh Moriarty, Events and Marketing Manager of Ghillie Dhu, Edinburgh said:

“The Tennent’s Digital Day was hugely helpful to our business. Based on learnings from the event, we now plan our social content further in advance and think more about who out target audience is. We also look at reactive opportunities in the general news agenda, using it to create talking points on social and engage with our followers. It’s great to see our customers talking to us about topical points on social in the same way they would with our bar staff in the pub.”

Daryl Simpson, General Manger of Scruffy Duffy’s in Preston and the Thistle Inn in Prestwick commented:

“We’ve found managing things a lot easier since attending the digital education day. We’ve discovered social media is a great way of getting feedback about the business, and we’re much better at drafting posts than we used to be. We’d definitely come back to another workshop in the future.”

Carolyn Bishop, Digital Marketing Manager at Tennent’s said:

“Tennent’s primary objective is to support pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants in growing their businesses and encourage a thriving industry.

“We’re so pleased at how well our inaugural digital education day was received, and we’re looking forward to rolling them out across the country this year. Making proper use of digital tools across social media and PR can have a direct impact on sales, it’s that simple.”