The Tennent’s Training Academy (TTA) has been awarded the prestigious Investors in Young People Gold accreditation for its work with youth employment in the hospitality industry. The glowing recognition sees the TTA become the first ever hospitality facility to be bestowed with the gold certification by the people management specialists.

Investors in Young People awarded gold status to the TTA in a report that applauded the training facility for its outstanding work with young people, particularly those who come up against challenges to employment. The report highly praised the TTA’s staff for their work in showcasing the hospitality industry as a career option and opening the eyes of young people to the rewarding careers available within it.

Established in 2010, the TTA works with a range of suppliers and trainers to deliver courses specifically designed to help young people, including school children, gain insight, skills and the essential experience to find employment within the hospitality trade. The TTA works closely with those who might face conventional barriers to work, in particular those with learning disabilities, recently re-homed, long-term unemployed and young people who are recently out of prison.

The gold award recognises the TTA’s strategy for learning and employment as recommended in the Scottish Government’s 2014 report, ‘Developing the Young Workforce’ by working closely with suppliers and employers and involving them in the training process to talent spot for potential employees.

Stephanie Wade, Director of the Tennent’s Training Academy, said:

“We are absolutely thrilled to have been recognised with the gold award by the Investors in Young People. As the first hospitality industry to be awarded the title, it means a huge amount to all of the staff and everyone involved in the TTA. We are passionate about working with young people and opening their eyes to a growing industry as a career option with long, enjoyable and successful prospects.”

Nicola Dillon, Investors in People Specialist at Investors in People Scotland said:
“Having spent several days at the TTA, I can whole heartedly say that they are an ambassador for recruiting, training, developing and employing young people. Their strategy and passion shows 100% commitment to the Developing the Young Workforce agenda and they are a credit to the hospitality industry and exemplary. The work that they do with schools and young people who face conventional barriers to work is inspiring, it must be so rewarding to see young people from some of the most deprived backgrounds in Scotland develop the skills, experience and ability to find employment. I truly believe that the TTA will continue to demonstrate a role model approach and commitment to embracing the philosophy and ethos of Investors in Young People.”

The TTA also delivers a vast range of courses that support the hospitality industry by delivering over 50 accredited courses designed to help those just starting out or staff already working within it. Courses range from drink and food service to pub and cellar management, personal license and door supervision